Ownership & Management

Diligent and thorough work is important to Griffin, which is why the company has taken to the Managing Director’s strict work policy. We evaluate risk factors present at our client company in order to establish what alternatives to certain situations would be best for the client as well as to eliminate all risk factors.


Griffin sees thorough inspection and consultations as the key ingredient to success and is responsible for helping to create a virtually if not completely risk free environment. The Managing Director, C. Keyter, is duty-bound in ensuring effective communication between employees and employers of clients in order to ensure an ever-improving workplace safety environment.
We also believe in a hands-on approach with our audits. Griffin has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.


Griffin Managing Director has over 20 years of combined experience gained for Occupational Health and Safety and the emergency services with a tertiary qualification.
Support and Specialist Services Input
The firm is equipped to inspect and audit all important aspects of Health and Safety. It is necessary for every workplace to understand and partake in the O.H.S.A legislation. As per section 16(1) of OHSA every chief executive officer shall as far as is reasonably practicable ensure that the duties of his employer as contemplated in this Act, are properly discharged. GHS assist the client / CEO with compliance reducing risk by providing safety solutions (alternates to certain situations and also elimination strategies of risks).