Directorship & Management

John Keyter, the current Directing Manager of Griffin Health and Safety is a duty-bound young professional who obtained his National Diploma in Safety Management through the University of South Africa (UNISA) and is a registered professional at the South African Institute of Safety Management (Graduate Member). John was mentored in OHS management by his father, Chris Keyter, who has 20+ years of combined emergency services and OHS management experience.

John has worked as an OHS manager and consultant since 2015 and has provided advisory services to clients in a variety of industries including construction, manufacturing, chemical, logistics, distribution centres, hospitality, corporate, and public service.

John continues his studies at UNISA, having enrolled for his BCom specialising in Supply Chain and Operations Management.


Performance measurement and monitoring through inspection, assessment, and consultation is a key ingredient to success. It is through performance measurement that continual improvement is attained, and it is through continual improvement that risks are kept at bay. Griffin Health and Safety’s chief purpose is to enable you to focus on your operations while providing sound advice to improve OHS performance at your premises with the ultimate goal of preventing injury, loss, or down-time.


Griffin’s Managing Director has over 6 years of experience in OHS management and consulting, including over 4 years of mentorship and over 2 years of post-qualification experience. The Managing Director has worked on projects in the construction, chemical, manufacturing, logistics/transport, hotel/hospitality, retail, and other industries.
Involvement in such a wide array of industries enables Griffin to incorporate proven strategies from different industries and sectors in meaningful ways.

Support and Specialist Services Input

GHS assists the client (16.1) to understand and conform to the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.
As per section 16(1) of OHSA, every chief executive officer shall as far as is reasonably practicable ensure that the duties of the employer, as contemplated in the Act, are properly discharged.
GHS assists the client/CEO with compliance and risk prevention by providing OHS solutions based on strategic and standardised practises