Griffin Health and Safety offers consulting services tailored to your business needs

With our aim to provide the best safety solutions for all clients in order to optimise safety-first corporate cultures. GHS provides a range of services which will enable follow-through, buy-in from staff, and subsequently an optimal safety culture. Our services include:

Establishing and maintaining H&S structures, organograms and appointment letters as required by legislation, or where applicable, to specific standards.
Assisting top management to develop an appropriate H&S policy, evacuation policy, incident review process, emergency medical policy, and alcohol and drug abuse policies, and to communicate these policies to employees.
Establish an active H&S committee which drives and develops H&S within the client company’s structures to provide “how-to” information for administering health and safety management work at the company.

Assist with the preparation, conducting, and evaluation of an emergency response plan to identify the potential for - and responses to - health, safety, and environmental incidents and emergencies. Emergency evacuation drills will be conducted bi-annually to ensure not only legislative compliance, but emergency preparedness too.
Develop an “Incident and Accident” structure, assisting with investigation of accidents, incidents and near misses, and reviewing subsequent corrective and preventive actions taken, in accordance with set criteria as outlined in the accident/incident investigation procedure and assisting with reporting of workplace accidents to the Department of Employment and Labour.
Advise and assist with developing H&S employee induction & communication, appropriate check sheets at all buildings / projects, contractor section 37 agreements, assistance in obtaining certificates of compliance for fire fighting equipment, or noise and electrical where appropriate.
Creating OSHA files for workplaces, tenders, and projects.
Strategic advice, research, and assistance in continuously developing the most suitable H&S management program and advising on management review meetings.

Assist with ISO management system development, implementation, and maintenance in preparation for accreditation.